Your customers want in

It’s so easy to stay in touch with your customers and let them know how to find you, when you're open and how to reach you. But lately, with ever changing schedules and interruptions, many businesses have been lax in staying up to date. Not you!

Always - the basics are the foundation of business

When are you open, where are you located, how can we get in touch? It is so basic but, strangely, often overlooked. I recently received an email to visit a public space - a unique location for special events and tours. There was an invite to check it out and take part in a meet and greet. It’s not the easiest place in the world to find, in a country setting, set back off the main road. Where oh where can it be!? There was no address or a little help in directing to its locale (such as, it’s a few miles south of wherever). Next, I go to the location’s website - and had to search for the address, finally finding it at the bottom of the web page in faint text. Don't be shy!

Open, closed, now, later

There have been more than a few times recently when my husband and I set out to visit a restaurant or shop (and drove a distance to get there), only to find out the place was closed unexpectedly. Even if we had checked their social media pages, it would not have helped - there was no mention of the last minute closing or, in another case, a private event being held. Now, whenever we set out we do check in advance, but then wonder - is this even accurate? Keeping up with your social media pages - namely facebook and instagram - is SO easy. Make sure your hours are correct and any different open/close times are posted in your feed. Your website should feature your hours and location easily found, along with phone and email as appropriate (even if you're not a storefront or public space - be clear when you're available). It’s that very old adage you’ve heard time and time again - you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You'll agree, you don't want to send away customers before they even get a chance to try you.

Kinda boring but so essential

Maybe some business owners feel the practical info of location, hours, phone and email is dull. Or, they may just forget. This happens. Business owners are so focused on their trade, they forget to put their customer's hat on. Assume folks coming to your website/social pages are new and just need the essentials (I’ve been to many contact pages on websites that still don’t have hours or location….).

How to do it, done right

There is a business nearby - a cocktail lounge - that loves to keep you in the loop. If they have specials, they post them. If they’re closed for a private party, you know about it. Weather issues? Modified menus? You got it. And the fun part is, they are clever with their imagery and design…so it’s not just a lackluster typed post on social media, it comes with a cool graphic to really get your attention.

Bottom line - you can still engage with your audience and have fun creatively, even if you’re closing early or off on vacation. We’ll be there waiting when you return!

(published 2022)