Do you believe you have a brand?

From a lemonade stand to a major corporation, you do. No matter how small you are, no matter your business, it's time to embrace your brand.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs make the world go 'round. Let's get that branding going.

In this region of the Hudson Valley - and well beyond - there are hundreds, probably thousands, of start-ups, solopreneurs and passionate business owners. But no matter how small you are, no matter your business, it's time to embrace your brand. I've heard many new clients say, "I'm too small to be branded." Not so!

Establish your true positioning.

In the most basic terms, it's your elevator speech. What can you say about your business, venture or endeavor that will distinguish you, make you memorable? I've mentioned many times, this comes from your marketing brief. A well-crafted brief, which contains your brand position, will start you on a path of "ownership" - in addition to what you do, this is what you stand for, this is how you want the world to perceive you on a more impactful and emotional level.

Stay the course.

Once you've created your brand persona, stick with it. As you cement your brand, you will be creating a logo, website, promotional materials, social media and more. Repeat your positioning statement to yourself over and over if you need to, so you are ready at any time to describe your business to a prospect or colleague. Make sure everything is branded - does this poster really match my positioning? (If you have these resources, a good marketing specialist or designer will make sure of it, too!)

Small but mighty.

I love this phrase, I hear it and use it often. You may be a one-man shop, or you may grow to dozens of employees. Either way, you started on the right foot, you believed your brand was big enough and you stuck with it. By the way, you can evolve your branding. It can shift over time if needed. So, don't feel paralyzed now because you don't want to be locked in...but do be confident in your brand position, do establish a path and do grab onto it. Think how Steve Jobs' start-up began in a garage. But from day-one, he was clear - his company would be a trailblazing, innovative game-changer.
 Now go out there and be brand worthy!

(published 2022)