The experience arc is real

There are are so many layers to a total brand experience - from the name of your business, to your look and style, to what happens when customers engage. Does it all add up?

Customers are funny

Your brand name, logo, website and social media - and so much more - provide many layers to what your customers or prospects encounter. Then, what is your storefront or restaurant like? Does your office space reflect who you are? A real example is my theater company called Tangent. My husband I founded the company in New York City in 2000, and migrated it to the Hudson Valley in 2009. This provided a much more hands-on experience, where every little aspect of the audience interaction was essential. From the shows we produce, the artists we hire, and the ease of buying tickets, to finding us on the map, providing ample parking and welcoming our audience - what is the total experience like? We often hear how well branded our company is, how reliable our work is and how folks look forward to getting our emails and posts, unsolicited.

What if it doesn’t add up?

My husband and I found a new restaurant in the area by seeing it promoted online. They have excellent social media presence, their website is terrific and the food/atmosphere they offer is spot-on. So, we jumped in the car and headed down. We found a parking spot right out front, so far so good. The place looked cool and the menu was enticing. And that is about where the pluses ended. The greeter was so unfriendly, totally bored. The bartender was completely indifferent, we felt like we were bothering him. The food and drinks were pretty good, so kudos there. But the actual experience did not match their branding - at all. Bummer. We may try it again, since it might’ve been an off day…but we’re not racing to get back there.

Your public persona is your ticket.

Do keep up with those killer instagram posts. Make sure your website reflects your business to a T. Have your voice hit the right notes in everything you put out there. And, so important, make sure the actual in-person experience seals the deal. Counter to the above example, there are many wonderful businesses in the region who do connect all the dots. From top to bottom, you can’t help but nod your head and say “I’m coming back!” That’s the vibe you want, each and every time.

(published 2022)