Join, host, lead - and grow

There are so many ways to expand your network and expand your mind at the same time. Share your expertise, grow your exposure, learn new things - and gain new business.

Networking is a core asset to any business growth.

The more professionals you know, the more you share your wisdom and ideas, and the more you extend goodwill by even volunteering your time - the better for your business. How is this done? Join a board of directors, like a Chamber, or an arts organization you love, or maybe a professional group in your industry (I've been on the board of the Rhinebeck Chamber for several years). Start your own group! (I'm co-director of Tivoli Merchants + Artists, a business and arts collective I jumpstarted in the village where I live and work). Or simply hold a workshop (I've held workshops with Arts Mid Hudson, Dutchess Tourism and Marist College, to name just a few). I also started a feel-good series called FLAIR, spotlighting female trailblazers out there who I know (but not necessarily ones I work with...just those who inspire and shine).

Formal to informal, you can do it.

Whether your workshop or talk is formal with a Power Point presentation and multi-media tools, or a simple discussion around an intimate table - you can start to shape your presentations and how the look and feel. Practice! In person or via platforms such as zoom, you can begin to get traction as a leader in your field.

The results are in.

Every time I hold a workshop, I meet new and interesting people and almost always get a new client or two. When I attend networking events, the same thing happens. I do, of course, cherry pick where I volunteer my time, what networking groups to join and what groups to advise with. One of my favorites is Hudson Valley Women in Business, a powerhouse of information and pioneering women. Try something, just one thing, and you'll be on your way with good results - guaranteed.

(published 2021)