mARKETING basics begin here

Think of it as a road map - the direction for a successful journey. It's easy to wing it, but it's essential to have a marketing brief and effective brand positioning that sets you on your way.

But I just want creative, why a brief first?

While it seems romantic and even exciting, would you really start out on a road trip without some kind of map? What's the destination? How will you get there? The fun part of creatively planning what to do, see, enjoy will come. But it's getting to the starting line that sets you solidly on your way. Welcome to the marketing brief.

These questions are hard!

They should be. The questions we ask force you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and get it straight in your own mind first. Who is your target? What about your competition? What's your voice and mission? What do you really want people to walk away thinking about your business or brand (that is your brand positioning). Jeff Bezos famously once said, "Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." Powerful stuff. It's important to lead your clients/customers/prospects to how you want them to think about you.

I feel better now.

This is often heard this from clients - a big hearty "thank you!" for helping them get their thoughts, vision and messaging on track. Gig's signature marketing brief and the initial questionnaire you'll get to help shape the direction are tools that put your business first. Details are so important and, whether subtle or overt, your prospects will notice if your branding is clear, concise and meaningful. This is the fun kind of exercise!