Is your business in focus?

Often it's simply the simple things. Have you had a marketing check up recently? Sometimes a quick makeover is all you need.

Clarity and consistency, the perfect duo.

Always be as sharp and steady as you can be. If you're established 0r if you're just starting your business - the absolute best time to get on the right path, of course - ask yourself if your brand is crystal clear. If you need a refresh, take the time to give your brand a boost. There is nothing better than a classic branding strategy (like a crisp message and good tools) - and experience.

Do you have a voice?

They can come in all shapes and sizes (I tend to opt for a one-pager), but the essential tool of a marketing or creative brief is the basis for your brand. A recap of the goals, the target, the strengths and weaknesses are key. Have you researched your target market and your areas for opportunity? What is critical as you promote your business, practice or organization is the brand position - a straightforward, ownable position you can hang your hat on. This is different from a brand descriptor...don't just describe your business, craft a distinctive narrative. You're not a popular, all family restaurant - you're a destination for comfort food like grandma used to make. Flesh it out and have fun!

Your toolkit helps you build.
Do you have a logo that’s easy to recognize and, most importantly, does it reflect your business to a T? How about a website? Is it fresh and also a clear representation of your brand? Will viewers think they're in the right place, or be confused because the boutique they were just in is nothing like the website? I've seen so many companies try to do it themselves. That does get an "A" for effort (you're trying!), but in the long run the investment in a professional who can help with branding, marketing, writing and design is money that continues to work for you well into the future.

Creative professionals are like personal trainers.

They provide skills and tips you may not know about, they present new ideas you might not have considered, they are up on styles and trends - and they keep you honest. If you can't afford an outside resource, then do a little research online get some tips and pointers, perhaps a recent grad or intern with super savvy skills can help you get the look and traction you deserve! Continually check to make sure your work is clear and consistent - be objective. And if you feel it's time for a tune-up, go for it!